You Want to Find your Super Power

Find what makes you Unique

Everyone was born with a gift as unique as their fingerprint. We lose ourselves every day when we try to fit into the molds that society has us entertained with…the instagrams, the facebooks, the news…..every time we are comparing ourselves or spending more time watching life happen outside of us, we become less and less in touch with what we have within. So how do you find your superpower, your uniqueness, your gift, your purpose….well it is not as hard as you think, but it is work. Why….well it’s easy….we are not raised to think that our imagination is a muscle…but it is! Just like exercising your mindset which is also crucial when you start tapping into your creative juices… Mindset plays an important part because when you start looking within to tap your mind magic, the conflicting world outside will have a very apparent contrast to your new focus. So let’s get back to how you flip this switch and how you tap into these gifts! I imagine and explain it like this… imagine that your imagination is like starting a fire…if you don’t feed the fire oxygen in the form of exercising your thought daily and dreaming…dreaming of your most inner desires…you will not tap into this amazing world. To sustain the fire you also have to have material that burns…I think of these as anything that educates me or inspires me to keep those flames burning. Podcasts, books, Speakers you admire, Programs, Events, Magazines, Photography, Traveling…what you choose to burn in your fire to ignite your imagination is just as unique to you as your dreams. So can you see how our everyday lives, the norm of watching TV, or being on our social media can distract you and keep you hundreds of miles from tapping into your imagination. Your uniqueness is your super power. Traditional schooling and upbringing leads us to believe that happiness comes from a job you study in school for, or a marriage, kids, white picket fence…Happiness is never outside of you, all true joy, growth and progress…all super power worthy alchemy starts from within. The other amazing trick to finding, harnessing and manifesting your superpower is that your body should be as balanced as possible…you want to find inspiration easier, treat your body like a conduit of power, exercise…not to have a world class bikini body or be a gym champ…no do something physical as often as possible that you love. Eat healthy…again not because of weight or external image…do it for your own health, eat well because if you feel well you can conquer the world! Enjoy silence! You need quiet time…it is not punishment, it is not lonely…it is an amazing opportunity to get to know yourself and tune into your inner most frequency! There is nothing as amazing as your imagination….Then what I love to preach the most…when the thoughts rise up like the flames in your fire….WRITE THEM DOWN! You need journals, notebooks, anything you can write in….why because it may not look like much in the beginning…but when you collect several notebooks full of your thoughts over time…guess what you will see your Super Power! You will have caught all of your uniqueness on paper and believe me when I tell you…the easiest thing to do from there is build out your powers…why because you materialized your thoughts and there starts the blueprint to your uniqueness, your dreams, your SUPERPOWERS!

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