Why it should not surprise you that your kids are struggling

Why it should not surprise you that your kids are not motivated

I hear it from almost every parent with children, adolescent kids, even young adults, no ambition and no direction. Why are we surprised that our kids don’t know what they want to study or what they want to be. We are all experiencing a dynamic shift in all out our traditional methods of personal development ,education, selecting ad practicing professions, businesses, and technology for all industries. Our progress has outpaced our ability not only to keep up with the changes but to ensure that the infrastructure of our professions, the one that we have always relied upon to secure our life goals is not being questioned and jeopardized. Is it a wonder that are kids are bored in school, that they are not stimulated by the traditional fundamentals that previous generations were taught in school. Our children, teens, and young adults are utilizing the technology of tomorrow at there leisure based on their interests everywhere but in there schools and professions.

As a professional myself who worked through the education system, obtained several degrees and works in a fortune 500 company, I can tell you what used to work, no longer works…And our predecessors have an innate understanding of this. I as well am in constant reinvention mode in order to prepare myself to survive the changing digital landscape, the competition, and the inevitable truth that all things technology and progress are affecting our work in the world.

So what is the solution? So many parents are struggling with these questions. They feel the strain of their own paradigm shifts and are concerned at the lack of direction and dependence from their families. The answers do not have to be so complicated however. As we navigate the unknown material changes that we are experiencing in the world, we have to go back to what we have never been able to replace …our ability to imagine, dream, and create …not only to seek a paying job, but to take the opportunity in this cacophony of change and create our ideal life.

So what should we be doing ….as a parent myself it has become a default that my son experience for himself these mindset perspectives. I teach that there are no problems just solutions. As he watches me Dream and Blueprint my own life goals, professional and personal..I have ignited his imagination and creativity….and that is where it all starts.

The formula as I see it is basic…take your dream, map it, discover what existing fundamental resources can support its creation (school) , and research what new resources can be included and explored….all along walking the path make sure you are sticking to your truth, that means your true interests , passions, and in some cases talent.

What are you watching? What are your kids being exposed to?

What are you practicing vs preaching?

Are you living your dream? Are you complaining about your job and your choices?….they are watching!

Do you have a plan and do you know how to take your vision and make one

Have you discussed these Instagram times vs real life development…..and that nothing worth having is instant…no real success is acquired overnight

Do you discuss the role of motivation, talent and discipline

What is there best learning method….do they learn best by watching things done (visual) , by reading, hearing.

Who is influencing them and inspiring them

Who do they look up to?

Do they know the stories of how their idols obtained their success?

What are their natural talents and hobbies?

What inspires them?

When are they there best, happiest, most motivated

These are just some fundamental questions to build from. These are basic questions that are not even easy to answer for yourself, try it….it takes the mind daily practice to formulate the blueprint or as I like to call the Dreamprint responses to these questions.

From what I see new generations are being pressed to provide these answers without having the proper support and foundation to analyze and provide these responses. All of us are capable of navigating these rough waters. Nature has taught us that we are built to adapt with our environments, we utilize a minimal percentage of our mental and creative abilities to deal with these questions….and guess what we each already carry the answers….not just the answers….we carry the life of ideas that can take us to our dream destinations….and everyone has a dream! The daily practice should be then for us to teach our kids to identify theirs and explore the resourcefulness it takes to reach them. The journey isn’t just about finding a paying job, or moving them out of the house, or having them compete with degrees or schools ….its about them identifiying what it would take for them to have a fulfilling life.

Instead of pressuring our kids, sometimes out of our own discontentment with the changing landscape to find independence, we would be better equipped to help them if we invest in helping them explore their creativity, inspiration, interests, idols…in short their life dream.

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