Why Awareness is the Road to your Dreams

Becoming aware is the ultimate awakening. It seems we spend most of our lives in a Sleeping Beauty type slumber only to one day shift. It is an immediate awareness that you have been asleep to the value of time, imagination and energy. It challenges you to exercise patience and take immediate control of your life vision. We wake up to the realization that life is not about instant gratification, rather it is truly a longer game and you realize that the dream you carry in your heart is down a road that is not yet paved, into the forest of the unknown. There is a state of frustration because for the very first time there is a step ahead that you are not certain is the correct one. Those steps towards your true self are the building blocks to the path that truly lead to the dreams that will bring you peace, growth and happiness. Each step forward builds an invisible momentum that only you can see and faith takes a front seat next to you where you are required to hold its hand tighter than ever before. Your ability to make faith your best friend is what will carry you through all the broken roads that will challenge your true character, inner strength and real desire to carry out your dreams. Awareness is like having discovered that life is full of hidden Mickeys. All the material things you once valued are nothing compared to the ability to afford education in order to learn and grow in the direction of your goals. You realize that money is the energy required to invest in yourself and that no one can give you success because true success is earned. You become acutely connected to other souls who have also been lit from within and suddenly you feel a magnetic connectivity that can only be compared to the connections stars feel to the universe. The world will never seem the same, now your inner vision see the world from within a dimension of possibility and the external becomes the reminder that all things were created from a dream.

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