The Power of Being Present!


So many people live in a state of unhappiness. There will always be something to complain about if you are focusing on anything negative. From finances, to work, or illness. I wish there was more support in helping us all realize that these focuses just strip us of enjoying the moments of our lives.


As I get older, I find myself completely intolerant of any negativity and drama. It isn’t easy to disassociate from all of that. Often times we experience this with our own circle of close family and friends. If only everyone would just practice shifting their focus to the present, to being grateful for what they have in abundance now. Yes grateful!

Grateful that they have the breath in their lungs. Grateful that they are still being given eternal moments to redirect and manifest a future moment. Negative People are like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I mean, what other outcome could anyone expect who isn’t embracing the NOW?


I don’t pretend I know what anyone should be doing. No one knows the answer to a perfect life. However, I like to think that since we are only ever living in the present moment, that maybe the universe intended us to be paying more attention to what we are doing with it. Thought Leaders like Echart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, Oprah Winfrey, and the late Dr. Wayne Dyer to name a few, have dedicated a great portion of their careers to helping the world become more aware. AWAKE….

It has not been their fame or fortune that have made them great leaders of our time, it is their stories of adversity and how they all became empowered to change themselves, and ultimately the world, by taking control of their moments.


The present moment is Home Base….It is where  life happens, where we can manifest, live in gratitude, where our souls are safe…from the past and the future.   We are only granted a limited number of moments. None of us know just how many moments we will have. How long we can enjoy the beautiful things that life gives us every day; Family, Friends, Sunshine, Stars, Rain, Food, Music…, so many things we can enjoy.

If more of us practiced awareness and lived in the present moment , how different would each of us truly be? What I know for sure, like Oprah likes to say, is that without understanding the power of NOW, you will always feel your best life accumulating behind you, your present a state of limbo with dissatisfaction or worry, and your tomorrows barren of your dreams with the knowledge that you have wasted your life.

The only guarantee is that you have fewer and fewer moments left. No matter what your struggles are big or small, only your ability to see from the  present and pivot your perspective, will you truly enjoy each moment of your life.

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