DreamPrint KIDS:
Mind Exercises From
Inspired Imagination Inc.


Feed Your Mind:

Choose something to learn about. Summarize what you learned with a caption and a picture. Place it in your journal

What is your favorite school subject? Why is it your favorite subject? What part of what you are learning do you feel is the most helpful?


Inspire Your Soul:

Write a note or draw a picture for someone who you think could use a friend.

Write a thank you note

Leave a compliment on a sticky note for someone

Hold the door for someone today

Let someone else go first

Write down 5 things that you are thankful for

Spend 5 minutes closing your eyes and breathing. Think of all the places you want to go and who you would take with you

Who is someone you look up to? Tell them why.


Imagination for Purpose:

What do you want to be? What will you do to get there?

Where do you want to live? How will you get there?

Where do you want to work? How will you get there?

What are your favorite hobbies? Why?

If you could invent your own job in the future what would it be, and what does it look like?