Airplane Friends

Why Who you hang out with Matters

Laws of Success: We have all heard the saying before… You are whom you surround yourself with… that’s why it’s important to understand how to choose your friends… No hard feelings but with this in mind, we associate people in the below 3 categories and proceed with our relationships from there.   This has served us as being a great resource, although it can be used for any age group, this has been extremely valuable for our kids…you know those mean kids, bullies we have to hear our poor kids talking about. The tables turn when they see them as the wrong types of friendships to want. Here are our three categories of friendships for growth mindset!

Airplanes- These are the best types of friends to have, also the hardest to find…just like anything else that’s very valuable. These are the friends that aside from being kind, inspire you, bring out the best in you, motivate you, and are themselves examples of people in pursuit of progress. With friends like these the sky is the limit! In adulthood the most successful and influential people on the planet…these types of people make up 10 percent of the population.

Boats– Not necessarily bad friends, just not the most ambitious or influential. These friends will neither propel you forward of push you back. They are content with where they are in life and most of the time will not understand the need to break out of the norm. You will undoubtable have many of these friends and nothing is wrong with that. If life was a boat ride we would say just don’t allow yourself to drift with everyone, have a clear destination and take control of your ship!

AnchorsBeware! These are the type of friends you want to avoid. They are just how they sound! These are the friends that will find a way to weigh you down. These friends are the ones our parents always warned us about, they can be a bad influence, bullies, liars, addicts, gossipers….These people do not want to see you do better than them and most of the time can be very damaging.

Also it is very important to note….if you want to have great friendship, and you one day want to make your dreams come true, you cannot catch an airplane friend without being one yourself! – DP

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