Desiree Moreno – I am a professional working in the Stock Market, a mom to an amazing little boy, and a full time dream builder. I live in Miami, Florida. I have always considered myself a Disney kid… at 41 I realize that the obsession has always just been about Magic. Imagination, Creativity and Positive Mindset have completely changed my life and that change has aligned me to the purpose I wake up every day to work towards. Together with my amazing team, we are working towards creating the platform for the cocktail of stardust that builds vision… The Magic of Making Dreams Come True.

Jennifer Moreno – I am a speech pathologist, a mother, a raving fan of Chihuahuas, a reader, a writer, and a lover of all things magic. I live in Key Largo, Florida. I’ve worked with the young and the old and find beauty in finding inspiration and purpose at all ages of life through communication. I’m fascinated by the human brain in all aspects. I’ve worked hard for years to develop what was expected of me and deemed successful only to find myself wanting to break out of the box to build my own dreams stemming from inspiration and imagination. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share my journey with my brother and sister and look forward to continued personal growth.

Alfredo Moreno – I am a Code Writing Tech junkie, a father, a dog lover, and a speed racer. I live in Seattle, Washington. Helped build Zumba Fitness online presence, Amazon Cloud, and while I write code for Oracle now, I am Dream building with my amazing sisters.